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When I am bored or thirsty I like to make smoothies. I have made fruit smoothies and chocolate smoothies. I use whatever fruits I have or what sounds good. Here is my chocolate smoothie recipe: 1 cup of milk 1 cup of ice 1 tbsp of chocolate (hot chocolate mix or chocolate syrup) 1 tsp… Continue reading

Life in Space

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life in Space

Have you ever wanted to see the stars up close? Have you ever wanted to feel weightless? If you answered yes to those questions, then you might be interested in a job as a astronaut. However, the job of being an astronaut is very hard. Not only is being an astronaut hard on their body, but they need to train a lot before going into space, and they have difficult jobs to do while they are in space.

First, being in space is hard on the astronaut’s body. According to Source #2, “Astronaut’s other muscles and their bones can also get weaker.”On earth, we run around and exercise with gravity, which helps our muscles and bones grow strong. In space, there is no gravity, so astronauts have to exercise extra hard to keep t

heir muscles and bones strong. If you see astronauts heading to space with a treadmill now you know why.

Next, astronauts have to train a lot. According Source #1, “Astronauts even take classes on scuba diving!  When they’re walking underwater in scuba suits, astronauts feel the as they would feel walking in space.” Astronauts have to train for hundreds of hours, they also study for years. They have to learn many things like medical skills, also to work with zero gravity.  

Last, astronauts have difficult jobs in space. According to Source #1 “Each astronaut has a special job to do as part of the team. Some astronauts learn how to put things together so they become good at fixing things. This is important because if something on a spaceship breaks, the astronauts must be able to fix it themselves.” Some astronauts are pilots, they know how to fly and steer spaceships. Others learn medical skills. All astronauts have to learn to live and work together as a team.

Astronauts do not have it easy. As you have read, just going into space can harm an astronaut’s body. Even before they go into space, they have to train for hours to prepare. Once they are in space, they have difficult jobs to do. So next time you look up at the stars and see a satellite drifting through the night sky, remember all the hard work astronauts did to make that happen.


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Source #1 What is a Astronaut?

By Talia Yee

Source #2 Life in Space

By Aaron Higgins

Tourist Attractions

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Golden Gate Bridge


Construction on the Golden Gate Bridge started on January 5, 1933. It opened on May 27, 1937.  Verrazano-Narrow Bridge is the USA’s longest suspension bridge.  The Golden Gate Bridge is a close up second!  The world’s longest suspension bridge is the Akashi-Kaiyko Bridge, Japan. The Golden Gate Bridge is located at San Francisco, Marin County, California.  Marin County is a county located in the North San Francisco Bay area in the state of California. The total length of the Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles (8,981′ ft or 2,737 m).  It’s height is 746′.

Source #1 

Golden Gate Bridge


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The continent of Asia is the Worlds largest and most populated continent with over 4 billion people. Asia covers approximately 30% of the worlds land.  Asia is connected to Europe in the West.  Together they’re called Eurasia.  There are so many Asian countries I can’t even come close to naming them all!  There are 50… Continue reading

Space Facts

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Space has so many things to learn about.  I can tell you a few facts about space if you’d like.  So let’s get started! Did you know the sun is 300,000 times larger than Earth?  Venus is the hottest planet and it’s temperature is over 450 degrees Celsius!  The Solar system formed 1.6 billion years ago.… Continue reading

Winter Vs. Summer

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Simone’s Purpose is to convince you Winter is better than Summer. In my opinion Winter is better than Summer.  Mom’s Purpose: is to convince you that Summer is better than Winter. I believe that Summer is definitely better than Winter.  Reason (Simone): Winter is better than Summer because you can build a snowman and go… Continue reading